Records Management System (RMS)

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Originally developed to cater to Geoscience data, the system is flexible enough to be user-defined and used for other record types such as legal documents, IT, Finance, HSE etc..  It:

Keeps an inventory of records and track movements of both hard and Softcopy records stored at internal & external locations

Is modular and may be expanded as your business expands.

Has been in use by oil and gas companies since 1998.



  • Menus and screens are flexible, intuitive and user friendly
  • Documents are stored in central storage, eliminating duplication and version problems. 
  • Multiple level Access Security 
  • Single or multiple databases option
  • Flexible, intuitive, user-friendly
  • Search function and keywords assist in speedy search for records and information



Core Modules

  • Acquisition
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Data export and File links
  • Administrative


Optional Modules

  • Records borrowing
  • Transmittal
  • Bar Code scanning for check-out / in of records
  • Tape management