Onboarding Management System (OMS)

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This system tracks personnel movement within a location or between locations, be it on land or sea. It captures information such as personnel information, location, as well as Medical, HUET and Bosiet validity details. This solution uses a biometric device to capture real-time movement.

This system provides an efficient way to manage personnel movement offshore. With OMS you can:

  • Quickly search a personnel record for his information such as location and emergency contact.
  • Validate personnel information and ensure personnel is authorised to go offshore
  • Verify validity of medical and training details (Bosiet, Sea Survival, Huet, etc) online; Status “Mob”, “Demob”
  • Conduct real-time check-in and check-out from departure points via aircraft or vessel
  • Maintain historical data
  • Eliminate the need for travel card or safety card



  • User friendly and intuitive screens make it easy to use the system
  • Use of biometrics (thumb scan) to check-in and check-out
  • Check-in and check-out are simple and fast
  • Photo with thumbprint improves verification process
  • Quick view of personnel names and their validity status
  • Graphic attachments may be linked and stored together with reports



  • Personnel Offshore report
  • Reports by screens and extract to MS Excel
  • Other Statistics