Incident Investigation & Reporting System (IIRS)

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An effective incident investigation practice helps everyone at the workplace to improve their safety awareness and ensure a safe work environment.

INCIDENT INVESTIGATION REPORTING SYSTEM (IIRS) is the perfect tool to keep you on top of the action when it comes to safety within your organization. This system may be utilized by any organization who values workplace safety as a priority.

IIRS is a flexible, user-friendly Windows–based system to capture and store data on incident investigation reports. It helps you to:

  • Track on-going investigations
  • Monitor outstanding action plans for further action
  • Send e-mail reminders for follow-up action.
  • Keep valuable statistics to further improve your operations
  • Ensure timely management reports                                                                                   


  • Menus and screens are easy to understand and navigate
  • Step-by-step process guides you to fill up useful information
  • Clickable buttons at left panel allows you to go to any section quickly
  • Action items are sorted by investigation status e.g. Preliminary and Final
  • Graphic attachments may be linked and stored together with the incident report



  • Monthly summary
  • Reminders sent out
  • Other Statistics