Online Document System (ODS)

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Any organization may use this online intranet system to input and compile information relevant to its employees, such as Employee Benefits and compensation, Department procedures and standards, employee information directory etc..

This is an interactive web-based (intranet) system suitable for a variety of applications for your organization. It is an on-line manual and may be used for:

  • Human Resource (HR) Personnel Policies and Benefits program
  • Health, Safety & Environment policies and procedures
  • Departmental procedures and guidelines
  • Compiling  to be shared across all departments in your organization
  • Storing and maintaining vital documents within the company



  • Menus and screens are flexible, intuitive and user friendly
  • Easy access to information. The system facilitates locating documents 
  • Documents are stored in central storage, eliminating duplication and version problems. 
  • Ensure timely dissemination of information
  • May be maintained centrally or assigned to various sites that have access to the intranet.